I-80 EXIT 134


Video Introduction

The Parleys Canyon Gun Range, located at exit 134 in Parleys Canyon, was formally known as the PMAA range or the Hendriksen Range. It was established in 1969 as a training range for Salt Lake City Police and was eventually opened up to the public because the range was created in part using public funds.

The range was leased in 1969 to the PMAA, a nonprofit corporation not associated with Salt Lake City or its police department.

Over the last 50 years the PMAA operated the range, but little effort was devoted to maintenance, lead clean up, fire risk management or watershed protection.

The range was closed in 2019 after the lease ended.

Some of the range volunteers that worked or shot at the range formed a nonprofit group in an effort to re-open the range. This nonprofit has five board members:

Roy Piskadlo (business expert, hunter, long range shooter)

Blake Korous (firearms & range expert)

Arnold Reitze (attorney, environmental expert, avid shooter)

Jeremy Shaw (Utah attorney & avid shooter)

Welden Anderson (firearms trainer with extensive experience)

- Parley's Gun Range Proposal -
ParleysGunrange.Com made a proposal to Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall to re-lease the range. The proposal includes provisions for cleaning up the lead bullets discharged onto the property, which would be accomplished at no cost to the city. It also includes provisions for purchasing fire suppression equipment and purchasing $2 million in range insurance coverage, which the range never had in the past. A cleanup has not occurred in the fifty years the range has been in operation

If Salt Lake City does not re-open the Parley range, then the city is violating the federal CERCLA statute and EPA's regulations concerning final remediation of the property.

- Final remediation Requirements -
EPA's regulations for final remediation of a shooting range require the property to be returned to natural state. This will include working with state authorities to meet the applicable regulations, which will be expensive. ParleysGunrange.Com estimates the cost to Salt Lake City taxpayers to restore this property will be three to ten million dollars.

ParleysGunrange.Com's proposal to Salt Lake City would restore the property to 95% lead free condition and provide fire risk management including providing fire-fighting equipment for the range. An important aspect of our proposal to the city is that a reopened shooting range will provide a facility for law enforcement training that is desperately needed. In addition, ParleysGunrange.Com would create an environmental fund paid for by the users of the range that would accumulate over the term of the lease to pay for the final EPA-required cleanup, which currently is the responsibility of the city.

Please help us re-open the range by contacting Mayor Mendenhall's office with the link on the bottom of this page. Your email will go to members of the Mayor's office and to the city council. If you would like to call in person, ask the Mayor why she is going to impose 50 years of lead cleanup liability (2 million -10 million) on SLC taxpayers for a liability created by a private corporation. When addressing anyone in your emails, be polite but firm in articulating why Salt Lake City should accept the Parleys Gun Range Proposal.

Please feel free to contact any of the board members as well. Contact information is provided at the left side of this page.

Reach out to the Mayor's office and the Salt Lake City Council:


MAYOR'S OFFICE: 801-535-7704